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Zairon Succession War
Zairon gallery S2-3


Before awakening - Ending at Episode Twenty-Five


  • Zairon
  • Unknown habitable planet
  • Other systems


Ryo's Victory

  • Ryo has the past Royal Court killed under Korose.
  • Empress Katsumi, Hiro, and Hansmeed are dead.

Zairon Zairon Government

Raza Raza


Zairon Hiro Ishida
Zairon Empress Katsumi

Raza Portia Lin
Raza Ryo Tetsudo


Zairon Zairon Army

Raza Raza's Crew

  • Full Royal Court
    • Empress Katsumi
    • Hiro Ishida
  • Hansmeed
  • The Seer allies
  • All of Akita's group personnel
  • Several imperial palace guards

The Zairon Succession War was a conflict between the Principality of Zairon and Ryo Tetsudo (and therefore, the Raza) over the latter's succession of throne as the Emperor and proof of innocence in his father's murder.


To eliminate competition, Emperor Ishida exiled Ryo's stepbrother, Hiro. Being in a state of sadness, Ryo is seen drunk on the hallways of the imperial palace, which aided the Empress in her plan. The Emperor of the Principality of Zairon, Ishida Tetsuda, is then killed by his wife, Empress Katsumi, framing Ryo in the process. Ryo goes on the run.

Many years later, after having his memory wiped out, Ryo demands that he meet with this brother, Hiro, on a certain planet. Akita and his henchmen arrive instead, which Ryo easily defeats, save for Akita, who defeats Ryo in the end. However, the Raza arrives, which annihilates any remaining Zairon forces. Ryo then proceeds in killing Akita, his death serving as a message for Hiro, who had no idea that others were sent in his place by the Empress.

Later on, as the Zairon-Pyr War goes bad, Ryo has his memories restored and convinces Hiro and General Drago that only his rule and the blink drive can save their people. Ryo also reveals to his brother that his mother Katsumi was their father's real murderer. Hiro confronts his mother and realizes that the claim is true. He decides to give his throne to Ryo, however the Empress intervenes.

Empress Katsumi put's Hiro under house arrest claiming an attempt on his life was made. She assumes control of the throne and makes a deal with the Seers. With their help, Drago is murdered and Ryo is captured and put to trial by the Royal Court.

During, Ryo's trial that convicted Ryo to death, Hiro was freed from his room by Five, he put a stop to the trial and informed them of Empress Katsumi's treason. Hiro then stepped down and Ryo became Emperor. His first decree as Emperor was 'Korose'. The enactment of the quick deaths of all those who had been involved with the past Royal Court, including Empress Katsumi, Hiro, Hansmeed, and The Seers.