Voss featured
Portrayed by
Kjartan Hewitt
FCS Deliverance
Sergeant (Ferrous Corp)
Season 1
First Appearance
Episode Two
Last Appearance
Episode Two

Sergeant Voss is a character that appears in Season 1 of Dark Matter. He is portrayed by actor Kerr Hewitt.


Sergeant Voss is a soldier in Ferrous Corp's army. He serves on the Ferrous Corp Destroyer FCS Deliverance.

In Episode Two, Voss had went along with Captain Salehi to the Mining Colony planet to confront the Miners. As the fighting broke out he radioed the FCS Deliverance, letting Commander Nieman know that the Raza Crew had turned on them. Griffin Jones stopped him and took him prisoner.

Ryo Tetsudo confronted Voss for information on where Ferrous Corp was going to attack next. Voss denied telling him, which led to Ryo threatening him with torture. Voss countered, saying that he knew from past experience that torture doesn't work. Ryo made it known to him, that he enjoyed torture anyway. In the end, Ryo got the information he was after. That Ferrous Corp would target the Reactor room.

Miner's Hagen and Tomas broke Voss free in exchange for protection. They went to The Marauder and caught Griffin. Voss told the miners he was the only one who could save them now and took Griffin hostage to use against the rest of the Raza Crew and the other Miners. He left however, once the FCS Deliverance was forced to leave due to the interference of the Mikkei Combine.

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