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Volkov-Rusi is a corporation seen in Season 1,2 and 3 of Dark Matter.


Volkov-Rusi Corporation, (also known as Volkov-Rusov Industries), is one of the major multi-planetary corporations.[1]

In Episode Eleven, Wexler's group was revealed to have been working for Volkov-Rusi. The Corporation sent a ship to meet up with the Raza to accept the cargo stolen from Traugott Corp's Research Facility. They sent in teams when Wexler's crew started having trouble with Portia Lin and Das. When Portia killed their teams and retook the ship from Wexler Volkov-Rusi decided not to put up anymore of a fight and left.

In Episode Twenty-Six, the Corporation's delegation attended the meeting of the Council of Corporations on EOS-7.

In Episode Twenty-Seven, after the destruction of EOS-7, one of the Corporations's ship picked up the escape pod of Commander Delaney Truffault and Das. Truffault made a deal to delivere the pair to the Raza, but shortly after they boarded the Raza, a Ferrous Corp Destroyer ambushed them and destroyed the Volkov-Rusi vessel.


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