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Portrayed by
Brendan Murray
Free Beings
Season 2
Season 3
First Appearance
Episode Seventeen
Last Appearance
Episode Thirty-Six

Victor is a character that appears in Season 2 and Season 3 of Dark Matter. He is portrayed by Brendan Murray.


Victor is a free, emotional android who blends in with humans and has his Android tag hidden. He is a close friend of The Android, and is one of the Free Beings alongside his friends Miranda and Ruac.

In Episode Seventeen on Janah-12 station, Victor took notice of The Android while shopping at GREGG & CO. Later, when she was confronted by a guard and questioned, Victor stepped in and pretended to be her owner and claimed she was from his ship Ophiuchus. He questioned the guards intentions until he left. The Android finally revealed to him she was shoplifting a toothbrush as a gift for a friend but claimed she'd pay the store back once she got to the Raza. Victor instead choose to buy it for her and asked her to come with him, to which she agreed.

Victor introduces the Android to his friends, and reveals her emotional nature to them. Stating she's special like them. Victor and his friends reveal that they're free beings without owners. They possess emotions and have an instinct for self preservation and survival. They blend in with the humans through illegal modifications. He gives the Android one of these upgrades.

Victor Gallery 4

Victor performing The Android's diagnostic.

Victor runs a diagnostic on her to see if she is flawed. Then takes her shopping to Del Farra Designs. He buys her human clothes and a dress. After their shopping is done, Victor tells the Android that it's time they part ways. She requests to have him meet her crew, to which Victor replies that humans can't be trusted, however he hopes for her sake that her crew can be, even though he doubts it. He then asks her to consider what she's learned and to free herself before it's to late.

Victor Gallery 2

Victor gives the Android her diagnostic results and reveals she is different but it's not a programming error. Her emotional responses are the result of intentional design. This makes the Android view herself as imperfect, however Victor claims this is what makes her special. He then asks to kiss her and she agrees. They then part ways.

In Season 3, Victor contacts the Android asking for help, right after the crew of the Raza gets back from the 21st century in the last seconds of "Isn't That A Paradox".