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Transfer Transit is a corporation seen in Season 1, 2 and 3 of Dark Matter.


Transfer Transit is a corporation that specializes in cloning technology.

In Episode Four, Griffin saw an advertisement with Transfer Transit's representative, Annette Deveraux, who explained their cloning technology.

In Episode Eight, Griffin used Transfer Transit to get to Arcturus-4, and then to The General. His first clone died but Griffin used Transfer Transit again and managed to get to the General in his second attempt. After he killed him it was revealed that even the General was a clone as well. Ryo Tetsuda and Derrick Moss also used Transfer Transit to find Griffin.

In Episode Seventeen, Emily Kolburn had drew a picture of a building seen in Portia's memory. Portia Lin went with Nyx Harper to Transfer Transit and showed a tech the picture. They requested knowledge about the building and learned that the Crystal Tower was located on Terra Prime, and that is was the HQ of Dwarf Star Technologies.

In Episode Twenty, the Raza crew bought their own Transfer Transit Pods to break into Alicia Reynaud's Headquarters.

In Episode Twenty-Eight, Emperor Ryo Tetsuda uses a Transfer Transit clone to board an Ishida research station, in hopes of defending the Blink Drive from the Raza crew.


Transfer Transit Pod[]

The cloning process uses a transit pod, that the person goes into and the machine copies their DNA and maps their brain. The data is then transferred to destination pod where a clone is created. Clones last 72 hours before their memories are transferred back to the person via subspace, and the clone goes through biomass recycling. However, if the clone is killed first, the memories aren't able to be transferred.

There is a rule of usage of a half an hour between trips, as the sudden repeated usage of the pod could cause damage to the cerebral cortex.

Other potential issues were: strokes, heart attacks, and aneurysms. These incidents are supposedly few, and there isn't any cause links back to the technology.


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