Torren-5 art in office
Information Planet & Colony
Seasons Season 2
First Seen Episode Fourteen
Last Seen Episode Fourteen

Torren-5 is a planet mentioned in Season 2 of Dark Matter. Information on this page contains some deleted scene content


Torren-5 is a planet with at least three moons. It has a school called "Admiral Farragut Elementary". First graders send messages to Hyperion-8 prison and specifically to Warden Treihan to show their appreciation for the Galactic Authority and to establish ethical boundaries at an early age.[1]

Photo's drawn from the Torren-5 children are displayed around Warden Treihan's office. A few show that some of the students actually have their own family in the same prison.


  • Admiral Farragut Elementary Students
  • Biy Leeia[2]
  • Timmy[2]



  • The scene that mentioned Torren-5 was cut but the scene script is on Dark Matter creator Joseph Mallozzi's blog.[1]
  • Dark Matter's SyFy page mentioned Torren-5 on their Season 2 Episode 1 Fun Facts photos.[3]
  • Torren is also the same name as Teyla Emmagan's son and mother in Joseph Mallozzi's other series "Stargate Atlantis". It's possible that this could be a reference.



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