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The Big Metal Door
The Big Metal Door Featured
Information Raza Section
Seasons Season 1
First Seen Episode One
Last Seen Episode Three

The Big Metal Door is a door seen in Season 1 of Dark Matter.


The Big Metal Door is one of the main objects of mystery. The door is located in a dark section of the Raza. So far it is only known by a few of the Crew, but so far no one has been able to open it as it is kept closed by an alpha numeric lock.


Season One[]

In Episode One, Marcus Boone found the door and attempted to open it. When it wouldn't open he tried shooting at it. It ricochet and hit him, flinging him back.

When Five thought back to when she hit her head, she recalled seeing the 'big metal door'. She said it was always locked. Six asked what's inside she replied "Secrets".

In Episode Two, Five drew a picture of the door.

In Episode Three, Marcus brought Ryo to the door to see if he knew how to open it, but he couldn't.

In Episode Five, Five lead the whole crew down to the door, so now the whole Raza crew knows about it.

In Episode Six, Five ventured into the memories in her head to try to acquire the doors code.


  • A difference in the comics compared to the show, is that Marcus managed to open the door himself by the end of Issue 4. What it contains though, wasn't revealed.