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The Seers are a race seen in Season 2 of Dark Matter.


The Seers are a race of advanced humans with high levels of CPA, (Cognitive Predictive Ability). This allows the Seers to predict the future and other possible outcomes.



The Seers were originally kidnapped from their planets by a mega corporation called Electus. Electus forced the seers into an experiment where they were drugged with Shadow and put into pods that linked their minds together. The reasoning was to test if a collective of human consciousness's could solve problems better than computers.

Data was gathered and analyzed from their collective consciousness, and this revealed that their collective was able to predict events before they happened.

Sometime later, the Seer's led an uprising against Electus, and Hansmeed took control.


Under Hansmeed's leadership, he decided the experiments needed to continue for their survival. Eventually he became corrupt and abusive, forcing his fellow Seers into the pods. Nyx Harper escaped.

In Episode Nineteen, Nyx returned to the Seer ship and freed her brother Milo from his captivity. However, The Seer ship continued to go after the Raza until Milo returned to them.

Instead of continuing life as a slave, Milo committed suicide.

In Episode Twenty, Hansmeed met with Devon Taltherd, wanting Nyx back. When Devon didn't tell him where she was, Hansmeed stabbed him and left him for dead.

In Episode Twenty-Five, it was revealed that Empress Ishida of Zairon had made a deal with the Seers and Hansmeed, in order to predict Ryo's actions which lead to Ryo being arrested and his allies in the Zairon ranks killed. This deal was made so that Nyx would be returned to the Seers and the two groups would become allies.

However, once Ryo Tetsuda became Emperor, his first decree was to enact the quick deaths of all those who had been involved with the past council, including the Empress, Hiro, Hansmeed and his accompanying Seers.



  • The "Seers" name comes from Joseph Mallozzi's other series Stargate Atlantis.