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Portrayed by
Natalie Brown
Sarah's Farm (Past)
Raza, within Five's Computer (Current)
Marcus Boone (Lover)
Farmer (Past)
Physically Deceased / Alive Digitally
Consciousness Preserved
Season 1
Season 2
Season 3
First Appearance
Episode Seven
Last Appearance
Episode Thirty

Sarah is a recurring character that appears in Season 1, 2 and 3 of Dark Matter. She is portrayed by actress Natalie Brown.


Sarah had been a farmer on a Ferrous Corp mining world. Her husband had died in an uprising attempt against the corporation after people started dying from Tataryn's disease, which was caused by the corp's mining practices.

Sometime later she found Marcus Boone dying and nursed him back to health. The two became a couple and Marcus began taking care of her once symptoms of the Tataryn's disease began appearing in her. When her disease became worse Marcus put her in a stasis pod promising her everything would be okay.

In Episode Seven, after the Raza crew opened The Big Metal Door, Sarah's pod was found. After being defrosted she was able to tell Marcus about their past. Her illness worsened and Marcus placed her back into her stasis pod, promising her that he'd find a way to save her. However, a power failure caused the pod to shut down, and without it on the disease was left to run it's course, killing her.

In Episode Twenty-Three, Sarah appeared to Three via his neural link to the Raza while it was under siege by a virus brought by the alternate universe Delaney Truffault. Sarah tells Three that they can be together again in a place with no pain or loneliness. She convinces Three to kill himself with a shot to the head. Right as he pulls the trigger, Six manages to intervene and Sarah disappears.

In Episode Twenty-Seven, it was revealed Five had been working on a way to save Sarah's consciousness digitally and now she's finally finished. Sarah is now stored within her computer. Five gave her a visit when she finished the procedure.

In Episode Twenty-Nine, Sarah begins showing skills in manipulating her virtual environment. The Android finds Sarah's consciousness within the Raza's computer and confronts Five about it. Five then reveals Sarah's existence to Two and Marcus.

In Episode Thirty, Sarah is visited by Three during his time loop multiple times, all without Sarah remembering his visits. Three's first few visits do not go well, but after he visits her more he comes to terms with her digital existence.

In Episode Thirty-Four, Sarah contacts Five after Ryo has taken the ship. To defeat Ryo's hacker, Five and Sarah make a plan to trap the hacker in his own mind to allow the Android to regain control.

In Episode Thirty-Six, Sarah is given an android body after the crew of the Raza finds The Creator. During the transfer of her digital conciseness into the android, the Galactic Authority finds the base and the crew of the Raza has to leave without Sarah. When Sarah wakes up, Dr. Shaw tells her that she is now apart of the plan to over the anthroparchy.

Physical Appearance[]

Sarah has brown hair and hazel eyes.


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