Republic of Pyr
Information Independent Territory
Seasons Season 1
First Seen Episode Four
Last Seen Episode Nine

The Republic of Pyr is a seemingly sovereign unitary republic mentioned in Season 1 and Season 2 of Dark Matter.

Information[edit | edit source]

The Republic of Pyr is an independent territory in C-Sector.

In Episode Four, it was revealed Pyr was at war with the Principality of Zairon, which was causing trouble for everyone in C-sector, leading to several Multi-Corps to step in and patrol trade routes and the Galactic Authority to lend help for those fleeing the area.

In Episode Nine, it was revealed that the fleet of Zairon launched a full scale assault on the Pyrian Fleet. The Pyrians were victorious however, as they had led the Zairon fleet into a trap which caused much devastation to their enemies forces.

In Episode Eighteen, it is revealed that Pyr had overthrown a ruling theocracy earlier in the year. Following the coup, Zairon had seized a sector on Pyr's border.

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