Rebecca 2.0
Rebecca 2.0 featured
Portrayed by
Justin Howell
Crystal Tower
Alexander Rook (Creator)
Rebecca (Prior Version)
DST Synthetic
Season 1
Season 2
First Appearance
Episode Twelve
Last Appearance
Episode Twenty-Two

Rebecca 2.0 is a character that was mentioned in Season 1 and appeared in Season 2 of Dark Matter. The Prototype is portrayed by Justin Howell.


Rebecca 2.0, (or Prototype), was a synthetic being and a newer version of Two, created by Dwarf Star Technologies and Alexander Rook. This Prototype possessed advanced nanites and was created to be faster, stronger and completely loyal compared to the original version.

In Episode Twelve, Alex visited someone in a bed and let him know that the original Rebecca was gone. However he also told him not to worry about her and that their new prototype was almost ready.

In Episode Twenty-Two, Alex introduced his prototype to Two, before releasing the new version of her upon her. The prototype managed to devastate Two in their one on one match, before Four and Six manage to arrive. After many gun shots and a stab by Ryo's sword, the prototype is finally brought down.

Two went down pretty hard and is close to death, Six decides to use a blood sample from the prototype and injects two with it which included their nanites. The transfer is successful and Two is back to being better, and now possesses Prototype's nanites.

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