Raza Internal Conflict
113 featured






Varrik/Galactic Authority victory

  • Raza's crew members incapacitated
  • Raza's crew put under arrest

Two FeaturedS02 Portia Lin
Marcus Featured S02 Marcus Boone

Derrick Featured S02 Derrick Moss
Das featured S02-1 Emily Kolburn

Griffin Jones FeaturedS02 Kal Varrik
GalacticAuthority featured Galactic Authority

Ryo FeaturedS02 Ryo Tetsudo


Two FeaturedS02 Portia Lin

Derrick Featured S02 Derrick Moss

GalacticAuthority featured GA General

Ryo FeaturedS02 Ryo Tetsudo


Two FeaturedS02 1 Advanced Synthetic Individual
Marcus Featured S02 1 Human

Derrick Featured S02/Das featured S02-1 2 Humans

Griffin Jones FeaturedS02 1 Human
GalacticAuthority featured GA Peacekeeping Forces

  • Several soldiers

Ryo FeaturedS02 1 Human


Total (imprisoned, still alive)

Total (imprisoned, still alive)


Total (imprisoned, still alive)


The Raza Internal Conflict was a conflict between the members of Raza's crew over the identity of the traitor, who was jeopardizing the ship's integrity and FTL capability, as well as the well-being of fellow crew members.

History Edit

Following the discovery of a traitor, the crew of the Raza became much more distant, with a few exceptions. Some alliances formed, most notably Two-Three and One-Five. While Marcus and Derrick were busy pointing fingers, Griffin Jones managed to put Ryo in an unconcious state, faking himself to be in the same state shortly afterwards. When the conflict reached a climax, the last Raza crew members that were left standing were knocked out, with GA soldiers storming the Raza and arresting its crew, possibly except for Five, who will be set free.

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