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Portia Lin (Novel)
Two (Novel) Feaured
Home The Raza
Relatives TBA
Occupation Leader (Raza)
Status Alive
First Appearance Issue 1
Latest Appearance Issue 4

Portia Lin is a character that appears in Issue 1 of Dark Matter.


Portia Lin aka Two is a person who woke up from a stasis pod on board a ship called the Raza, with no memoires of who she is. She managed to fix the life support systems, saving the lives of the rest of the crew.

Later on, she stayed onboard the Raza with the Android, and Kid, while the rest of the crew went down to the Mining Colony to look for some answers.

Information came to light sometime later, that revealed the crews names, and background felony's, showing her that she had been a criminal before her memories where lost. They realized they where tasked with killing the colonists, but instead helped them. A Ferrous Corp vessel appeared and Portia went to their ship. She was told to leave the planet and the crew behind on the Miners planet. She left as a fight broke out across the Mining Planet between the Miners and her crew against Ferrous Corp.

Portia came back with three Mikei Cruisers along side the Raza, outnumbering the Ferrous Corp guard. She had managed to negotiate with the Mikei Combine over the ownership of the settlement. Putting a stop to Ferrous Corps attempts to bully the Miners into submission.

Physical Appearance[]

Portia Lin has blue, black coloured hair and she also has blue eyes.

Dark Matter[]



  • Portia and the Kid seemed to get along well, as Kid hung out around her a lot. Portia even went to look for Kid in the Arboretum when Kid was alone, to see if she was okay.