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Ophiuchus mentioned
Information Free Beings Ship
Seasons Season 2
First Seen Episode Seventeen
Last Seen Episode Seventeen

Ophiuchus is a ship mentioned in Season 2 of Dark Matter.


Ophiuchus is a ship that belongs to the Androids of Free Beings.

In Episode Seventeen, when The Android was being questioned by a guard, Victor stepped in to defend her. He pretended to be her owner and claimed that they came from his ship, the Ophiuchus.

Mythology & Trivia[]

  • Ophiuchus is a large constellation, whose name in Greek means "Serpent-bearer".
  • In Roman Era mythology, Ophiuchus Serpent-bearer represents the healer Asclepius, who learned the secrets of how to achieve immortality, after witnessing one snake bringing another healing herbs to avoid death. With this knowledge gained, Jupiter didn't want all of humanity to become immortal and as such decided to kill Asclepius with lightning. Later on however, Jupiter placed Asclepius image in the sky to honour his good works.[1]
    • Due to the story of Ophiuchus making humans immortal, it's likely the reasoning for the ships name as they're immortal androids who pose as humans.
    • Also the serpent-bearer act of giving one knowledge of this human immortality to another may also be possibly exampled by Victor bearing humanity to the Android.