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David Richmond-Peck
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Commander (Ferrous Corp)
Season 1
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First Appearance
Episode Two
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Episode Thirty-Two

Commander Nieman is a character that appeared in Season 1, 2 and 3 of Dark Matter. He is portrayed by actor David Richmond-Peck.


Commander Nieman is a soldier in Ferrous Corp's army. His ship is the Ferrous Corp Destroyer, FCS Deliverance.

In Episode Two, Commander Nieman went to the Mining Colony planet. He visited the Raza and confronted Two, that her crew didn't do as they where paid to do, which was to get rid of the miners. She told him that they ran into complications but he countered telling her that the rest of her crew had also attacked his men. He made her an offer to leave the planet, and her crew behind so that there wouldn't be any witnesses of what was to happen next.

Later on, Two returned, escorted with two Mikkei Combine Cruisers. Nieman went back on board the Raza and was confronted with Commander's Delaney Truffault and Sakey of the Mikkei Combine. They told him the Mining Colony now belonged to the Combine and that Nieman and his ship being there went against Galactic Charter. He was forced to depart the planet with his ship.

In Episode Seventeen, Nieman let's Alicia Reynaud know that Ferrous Corp is growing frustrated with the delay in acquiring the key that Emily Kolburn has. He warns that war is coming, and the Raza holds the key to victory.

In Episode Twenty-Six, Nieman went to EOS-7, that houses the Council of Corporations, as the Ferrous Corp representative. After he lost a major vote he attempted to bomb the council. He hid the bomb through his illegally modified android Arien. However, Arien would be convinced to want to save everyone's lives through the compassion of Five and has himself spaced, resulting in Neiman's bomb being detonated safely away from the Station.

Before Nieman left the station he found Three and has him brutally beaten.

In Episode Thirty-One, Nieman records the progress of the corporate war. Due to its progress he decides it's time to deploy Agent Zero, as he looks at a photo of Six.

In Episode Thirty-Two, Nieman is visited by Portia Lin from an Alternate Universe, who offers to tell him her story and join forces.

Physical Appearance[]

He has brown short hair and a beard.