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Mining Colony
Mining Colony featured
Information Mikkei Combine Colony
Seasons Season 1
First Seen Episode One
Last Seen Episode Two

The Mining Colony is a colony seen in Season 1 of Dark Matter.


The Mining Colony was once an independent mining colony, that later became a Mikkei Combine Mining Colony.

Originally, the colony just got by on what little tarium they could mine and where fine, but later on Ferrous Corp geologists that studied the nearby asteroid belt hit the mother load. It drew the corporations attention to the miners planet for a place to stay, grow food and have a water source for their miners. [1]

Ferrous Corp sent the Raza after the Miners to eradicate them but the crew instead chose to help the miners. After a series of attacks, Two betrayed a deal with Ferrous Corp, tricking them, and instead brought in Commander Delaney Truffault of the Mikkei Combine and made a deal with them. After having Ferrous Corp leave, the Miners agreed to the deal of a free 99 year lease with the Mekkei Combine. [2]


  • Uses a Mark 4 Fusion Reactor.

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