Milo Harper
MiloHarper featured
Portrayed by
Mpho Koaho
Seer Ship
Nyx Harper (Sister)
Seer Future Analyst
Season 2
First Appearance
Episode Nineteen
Last Appearance
Episode Nineteen

Milo Harper is a character that appears in Season 2 of Dark Matter. He is portrayed by Mpho Koaho.


Milo Harper was a Seer who was especially talented in predicting the future with the Seers CPA (Cognitive Predictive Ability).

In Episode Nineteen, Milo was enslaved in the Seer's machine under the leadership of Hansmeed. His sister Nyx Harper helped him escape during a Shadow drug heist and brought him to the Raza.

During his time on board, Milo foretold a couple prophecies. He told Ryo that they would be betrayed by one of their own once more. He also told Emily that the major Corporations were headed toward all out war and that the Raza will play a major role in it.

When the Seers kept coming after the Raza, Milo gave himself up to the Seers to spare the crew. He planned to start a slave rebellion and mislead information, making some of their predictions false. Ryo told him there was another way.

Once alone in his room Milo used Ryo's knife to commit suicide.

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Milo has dark skin, and black short hair.


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