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The Mikkei Combine is a corporation seen in Season 1, 2, and 3 of Dark Matter.


The Mikkei Combine is one of the major interstellar corporations. Commander Delaney Truffault is one of the Combine's leaders.

Ship types at their disposal include their Cruiser Class, and Destroyer Class.


In Episode Two, Two went to the Mikkei Combine and made a deal with them over the ownership of the Mining Colony, so that Ferrous Corp couldn't get it and turn the Miners into slaves. Commander Truffault and Commander Sakey agreed and escorted the Raza back to the Miner's planet with two of their Cruiser ships. The Commanders confronted Commander Nieman and got him to leave, after telling him that the planet now belonged to them and that his presence there was in violation of Galactic Charter. The miners then agreed to the deal Two put in place with the Mikkei Combine for a 99 year lease to their planet for free.

In Episode Ten, Commander Truffault hired the Raza crew and Wexler's group to steal something from Traugott Corp's Research Facility.

In Episode Eleven, The Raza crew managed to bring the device to The Mikkei's Reaseach Facility, Iriden 3, however, the device became unstable and the planet exploded.

In Episode Twelve, it was revealed that the device that was delivered was actually a White hole bomb, and that it was most likely intentionally detonated by Traugott as a test of it's capabilities. All the while keeping the suspicions of the Galactic Authority off their trail with the blame to be placed on Mikkei.

In Episode Twenty-Six, it was revealed that the Mikkei Combine is part of the Council of Corporations. Commander Truffault helped the Raza crew get into the space station EOS-7, so that they can stop Ferrous Corp from bombing the Council of Corporations. Truffault had Five pose as her assistant to sneak inside. While there Five looks for the bomb. Eventually the bomb is taken care of via Arien spacing himself, while Truffault continues with voting in council meetings on Mikkei's behalf. However, it turns out that Ryo Tetsuda had other plans and had EOS-7 overloaded. As explosions began around the station Truffault found Five and they seemingly escape together.



  • In the Dark Matter comics the Mikkei Combine was spelt Mikei.
  • Mikei is Japanese for young or inexperienced
  • Mikkei (密計) is Japanese for secret plot or conspiracy.