The League of Autonomous Worlds is a faction seen in Season 2 of Dark Matter.

The League of Autonomous Worlds aka L.A.W, is a faction of independent worlds that aren't under the control of corporations. Despite this, they are still a part of the Council of Corporations, so that the autonomous worlds can be represented.

In Episode Twenty-Six, Emperor Ryo Ishida arrived on EOS-7 as a new delegation, appearing as an ambassador for the autonomous worlds. He then later attacked the council by having EOS-7 overloaded, causing many explosions, while he took off with the Raza's blink drive, with the intent to reverse engineer it and supply his fleet. His reasoning for the attack on the council themselves, was to cause conflict between the corporations that where financially backing the Republic of Pyr, who are the enemies of the Principality of Zairon.

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