Larcan Tanner
Tanner featured
Portrayed by
Nigel Bennett
Titch (Adopted Son)
Gang Leader
Season 2
First Appearance
Episode Sixteen
Last Appearance
Episode Seventeen

Larcan Tanner is a character that appears in Season 2 of Dark Matter. He is portrayed by Nigel Bennett.


In Episode Sixteen, Larcan Tanner was told that a tracking device was activated and that it belonged to Marcus Boone.

In Episode Seventeen, Tanner revealed that Marcus's name was originally Titch. Larcan used to work on Marcus's parents farm. When Marcus was young his family was killed by Tanner when he got into a drunken rage after being accused of stealing by Marcus's father.

Tanner decided to spare Marcus and raise him as his own son. Teaching him how to survive and look after himself, as well as how to be a thief and scoundrel. Tanner claimed that Titch knew he was the one who had killed them all along but had forgiven him back then. They got separated by on Sarah's Planet, when Marcus's old gang thought he was dead.

When Marcus saw how ruthless his former crew was, after killing a man they had kidnapped the son of, and realizing it was Tanner who had murdered Marcus's own parents, Marcus killed Tanner and the rest of his former gang.




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