Jace Corso (Original)
Jace Original featured
Portrayed by
Marc Bendavid
Season 1
Season 2
First Appearance
Episode Three
Last Appearance
Episode Twenty-One

Jace Corso is a recurring character appearing in Season 1 and 2 of Dark Matter. He is portrayed by Marc Bendavid.


Jace Corso was first seen in Episode Three sitting at a bar. He asked the Bartender about the location of the Raza, stating he had unfinished business with someone on board and had been tracking them for some time.

In Episode Four, Jace tricked Marcus Boone (Three) and One into a trap. He gassed them in a room, which knocked them unconscious, and then tied them to a chair. He confronted One, wanting to know why they looked the same. When One had no answers, Jace concluded that One wasn't a clone, due to him being still alive and past the date clones would expire. He also doubted long lost twin as a reason, and concluded their identical appearance could only have been the result of surgical reconstruction.

Jace told them that he was supposed to go with the Raza and its crew to the job on the Mining Colony but wasn't able to make it. He had since learned that he had supposedly boarded the ship, and had then viewed security footage that showed One boarding the ship in his place. He had pursued One ever since.

Jace took the weapons crate from the Raza and sold them for his own gain. When he went back to where he left Marcus and One, he discovered that they had escaped.

In Episode Fourteen, Jace confronts Derrick Moss (One) at Hyperion-8 and shoots him four times in the chest. With Derick on the ground, Jace went up to him and shot him in the head to finish the job.

In Episode Eighteen, The Raza crew hunted down Corso for One's murder. After being injured, tracked down by Two and getting trapped in a cave in he caused by setting off explosives, Two killed him.

In Episode Twenty-One, Jace appears as a member of an alternate "Raza" crew, after a mishap with the Blink Drive.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Jace is tall with short, black hair and dark eyes. He wears dark eyeliner.


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