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Ishida Li Na Katsumi
Empress Ishida Featured
Portrayed by
Mung-Ling Tsui
Emperor Ishida Tetsuya (Husband)
Hiro Ishida (Son)
Ryo Tetsudo (Step Son)
Season 1
Season 2
First Appearance
Episode Six
Last Appearance
Episode Twenty-Five

Empress Ishida Li Na Katsumi is a character that appears in Season 1 and 2 of Dark Matter. She is portrayed by Mung-Ling Tsui.


Empress Ishida Li Na Katsumi[1] is of the royal house that rules the Principality of Zairon. She married Emperor Ishida Tetsuya and had a son named Hiro. She is also the stepmother of Ryo Tetsudo.

In Episode One Five recalls a memory of Ryo's where he carved out the eyes of those who killed his Father and had come for him, leaving the eyes for his mother, The Empress, to find.

In Episode Six, it is revealed Empress Katsumi set up Ryo for the murder of her husband so her son Hiro could become Emperor.

In Episode Nine, Empress Katsumi sent Akita to meet Ryo in her son's place. This lead to Hiro being upset at her for making him a liar as he had promised Ryo it would be him to go. Katsumi tried to soothe her son by telling him she had just made him Emperor.

In Episode Twenty-Five, Empress Katsumi is confronted by her son Hiro about the death of her husband. The revelation to Hiro and the blink drive that his brother has in his position prompts him to give his throne to Ryo. When Katsumi learns of this, she places Hiro under house arrest, claiming he was injured in an assassination attempt.

Later, Katsumi has Ryo captured with the aid of her Seer allies future sight, and has Ryo put on trial for her husbands death. During his execution, Hiro is freed and interrupts right before Ryo is killed. He gives over the throne to Ryo and Ryo has the whole court abruptly murdered, including Empress Katsumi herself.

Physical Appearance[]

Empress Ishida has dark hair and wears many elegant robes.