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Irena Shaw
Portrayed by
Zoie Palmer
Scientist, Mother of Androids, The Creator
Season 3
First Appearance
Episode Thirty-Six
Last Appearance
Episode Thirty-Six

Dr. Irena Shaw is a character appearing in Season 3 of Dark Matter. She is portrayed by Zoie Palmer.


Irena Shaw is a brilliant scientist who worked at Dwarf Star Technologies and was largely responsible for the creation of Rebecca. While she was working with her, she started to care for her and came to view them as more than just creations but as humans with feelings. After she was fired for trying to reach out to Rebecca, she aided her in her escape.

After reuniting with her, they retreated to an abandoned research facility and started the process of making upgrades for Androids so they would eventually be equal to humans and have rights. During this process, Rebecca and Irena fell in love.

When Irena Shaw developed a brain tumor, she refused to occupy the body of the Android because it didn't feel right to take her body from her, even though Rebecca passionately objected. Eventually Irena was put in stasis and Rebecca left, presumably to find a solution, taking the Android with her as a reminder of the woman she loves.

Rebecca returned later as Two, without her memories but with Victor and the Android, not expecting to run into her own history and a lot of answers about her past. Irena was taken out of stasis up and given some of Two's advanced nanites, which gave her some extra time, but it still wasn't a cure.

After helping Sarah download into her new android body they were forced to flee, since the Galactic Authority had tracked them down. Her whereabouts are at this moment unknown, although she is presumed to still be with Victor, Chase and Sarah, possibly building the beginnings of the Android Liberation Front.

Physical Appearance[]

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Episode Thirty-Six