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ISS Far Horizon
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Information Freighter
Seasons Season 1
First Seen Episode Five
Last Seen Episode Five

The ISS Far Horizon was a ship seen in Season 1 of Dark Matter.


The ISS Far Horizon was a freighter that was sent to Taurian Alpha, a planet that was under galactic quarantine, on a mission to collect research and materials relating to the Taurian Alpha Virus. Unfortunately, the materials they collected ultimately caused the whole ship to be infected with the plague. The ship's crew turned into diseased cannibals and parts of the ship were destroyed, leaving some areas exposed to space.

In Episode Five. The Raza crew were sent to recover the Far Horizon, but after the condition of the ship's crew became apparent, One made the call to destroy it instead, to prevent the plague being spread on another inhabited world.


  • The inside of the Far Horizon was shot in the HMCS Haida, a Tribal-class destroyer that served in the Royal Canadian Navy.