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Information Galactic Authority Prison
Seasons Season 2
First Seen Episode Fourteen
Last Seen Episode Fifteen

Hyperion-8 is a station that is seen in Season 2 of Dark Matter.


Hyperion-8 is a Maximum Security Galactic Authority Detention Facility based on a moon orbiting an unknown planet. The facility has multiple wings, and is designed to be inescapable. In addition, the facility has an infirmary, guest quarters and at least one armoury. During episode 15, it is also revealed the facility has numerous ground based anti-ship defenses.

Hyperion-8 operates an effective prisoner control and anti-riot system whereby, once activated, a high pitched noise fills the target area rendering persons unconscious. The GA guards are protected from this by a small in-ear device.

The crew of the Raza manage to escape Hyperion-8 after Two's nanites dissipate the effect of the security system and she awakes early and subdues the guards, before altering the frequency of the alarm so the GA guards are themselves affected.


Season 2[]

  • In Episode Fourteen, the crew of the Raza woke up in the Hyperion's prison after their traitor gave them up to the Galactic Authorities.
  • In Episode Fifteen, the crew as well as some of the prisoners, managed to escape.