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Hrothgar is a character that was mentioned in Season 1 of Dark Matter.


Hrothgar was the person the Mining Colony sent to go get a shipment of weapons. The colony needed firepower in order to defend themselves from Ferrous Corp, and the Raza they where sending after them.

In Episode One, during the first meeting between the mining colonists and the Raza crew, the the two groups drew guns on one another. Mireille noted the crew weren't Corp Guard and pointed out that they could be Hrothgar's people. Nassan then asked if they were, to which Six stated 'maybe'.

Later on, Nassan mentioned that the colony had given all they could to Hrothgar, one of their own, so that he could procure a shipment of weapons, and that Hrothgar was expected to return soon. Mireille mentioned to One that Hrothgar had given her the pendant she was wearing. Hrothgar had told her it meant "freedom from oppression" and that when his people arrived to help, the colony would be able to recognize them because they would also have the pendants. One was left with the revelation that the presence of both the pendant and the weapons aboard the Raza meant that there was a strong possibility that his crew had intercepted Hrothgar at some point before their memories were erased, and they may have even killed Hrothgar in the process.


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  • In the third Dark Matter Comic, Hrothgar was mentioned by Mireille, who told One that Hrothgar was a friend who had been gone for a very long time. Jace then talked to Six and mentioned it to him that they probably killed him and stole the shipment.
  • Hrothgar is a legendary warrior king mentioned in Beowulf and other Germanic epics.[1]


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