Hagen featured
Portrayed by
Pat Mastroianni
Mining Colony (Formerly) FCS Deliverance (Assumed)
Season 1
First Appearance
Episode Two
Last Appearance
Episode Two

Hagen is a character that appears in Season 1 of Dark Matter. He is portrayed by actor Pat Mastroianni.


Hagen was once a Miner that lived in the Mining Colony. However, he traded sides and joined Sergeant Voss and Ferrous Corp.

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He has a short grey beard and wears a dark colored hat.

Dark MatterEdit

In Episode Two, after the original skirmish with the Ferrous Corp officers, Hagen helped with the injured. Three states that they have to be leaving the Mining Colony and Hagen begs the Crew to stay and help with the fallout they have caused by killing the soldiers, but they refused, with One stating it's a battle they can't win, but their shuttle is available to help them leave. Hagen calls them cowards. Nassan defends their departure, telling him that it's their fight, not the Crews and that they'll have help arrive soon.

Later on, Hagen and Tomas went to the captured Ferrous Corp soldier, Sergeant Voss and helped him escape in exchange for their safety. They catch up to Six in The Marauder and Hagen mistakes him for abandoning the Colony. Six tries to tell him he can save them but Hagen tells him he can't. Voss uses this misunderstanding to prove to Hagen and Tomas that he's their only hope now.

Voss uses Six as a hostage against The Crew and the Miners until the FCS Deliverance is forced to leave once the Mikkei Combine got involved. Hagen may have left with them now that he's a 'turncoat' and traitor to the Mining Colony. [1]


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