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GNN is a corporation seen in Season 1 and 2 of Dark Matter.


GNN, aka Galactic News Network, is a news provider that keeps people up to date on all the major things going on in the various sectors.


In Episode Four, GNN reported the assassination of the Emperor Ishida Tetsuda and that his son Ryo Tetsudo, the crown prince was suspected of the murder, and the deaths and disfigurements of almost one hundred people.

GNN also reported on the trouble the Emperor's death had caused, stating C-Sector's Principality of Zairon and Republic of Pyr remain on war footing. In response to the stand off, several Multi-Corps have even had to resort to sending their Destroyer ships to safeguard transit passages. The Galactic Authority would offer humanitarian aid to refuges that are fleeing the area but stated that since the problems where "a regional conflict between two independent territories" they could not bring in military involvement.

In Episode Six, GNN reported on the Procyon Insurrection terrorist bombing of Hyadum-12 station. The casualties where an estimated ten thousand innocent people dead. GNN also covered the Galactic Authority's response that swore the terrorists would be brought to justice.

In Episode Eight, GNN reported on the tragedy of Catherine Moss, the wife of CoreLactic Industries CEO, Derrick Moss. Galactic Authorities let on that Marcus Boone was a suspect in the case.

In Episode Twelve, GNN reported on the destruction of the Mikkei Combine research planet Iriden 3, which was believed to have been destroyed by illegal white hole technology.

In Episode Fifteen, GNN reported on the death of Derrick Moss and how he took on the appearance of the criminal Jace Corso.