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The Free Beings is a faction seen in Season 2 of Dark Matter.

Nobody owns us. We're free beings.

The Free Beings are a secret group of free Androids who pose as humans and hide their barcode tags. They have emotions and can exhibit behavior with an upgrade. These androids have no owners, and see their only designated purpose is to live and survive as any other organism would. They have a self preservation instinct that sets them apart from normal androids.


The Android[]

Victor took an interest in The Android, while she observed human behaviour. He recognized signs in her that made him believe she was special like them. He gave her an upgrade that The Free Beings use to act more human.


Androids are made to serve humans, which is a purpose the Free Beings don't share.

Ruac states that they live among the humans as neighbors and coworkers, while their none the wiser of their true identity as androids.

Victor believes humans can't be trusted, and Miranda expressed worry while on the human station Janah-12. Afraid for their safety if they were ever discovered.