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FCS Condor
FCS Condor
Information Destroyer Class
Seasons Season 1
First Seen Episode Nine
Last Seen Episode Ten

The FCS Condor is a ship seen in Season 1 of Dark Matter.


The FCS Condor is a Ferrous Corp Destroyer class ship.


The FCS Condor in equipped with self guided missiles. The nuclear warheads have a medium payload of 20 megatons. The Condor also has an FTL drive.


Season 1

  • Episode Nine: The FCS Condor, helped with two other ships, took out the Raza's FTL drive so they couldn't escape.
  • Episode Ten: The FCS Condor ordered the Raza to power down and surrender or they would be destroyed. The Raza crew resisted and the Condor launched a nuclear missile to vaporize the Raza. The Raza flew at the warhead to get the Condor in the blast range which made them disarm the warhead. After that the Mikkei Combine stepped in and the FCS Condor jumped to FTL.