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Eric Waver
Portrayed by
Jonas Chernick
Doctor, Scientist, Advanced Bio-Engineer
Season 2
First Appearance
Episode Twenty-Two
Last Appearance
Episode Twenty-Two

Eric Waver is a character appearing in Season 2 of Dark Matter. He is portrayed by Jonas Chernick.


He was an advanced bio-engineer at Dwarf Star Technologies and the only survivor of Rebecca's violent escape. As a junior member of the research team he was given the most basic of tasks, such as bringing her food. Because of this, they bonded, resulting in him being put in charge of her education.

This connection, his empathy, plus the fact that he treated her with kindness was the reason Rebecca spared him during her escape. After killing everyone in the lab, she paused when she saw him cowering on the floor in terror, but ultimately walked away without harming him.

When Two was dying because her nanites were shutting down, the crew of the Raza forced him and two of his coworkers to help them get inside Dwarf Star Technologies to find a cure. He was reluctant at first but ultimately assisted Three and Six to get past the retina scanners and into the lab.

Unfortunately, Alexander Rook and a team of armed guards were expecting them, since Rook knew about the flaw in the nanites and that Rebecca would have no choice but to show up sooner rather than later to find the cure.

Rook expressed disappointment in Eric, accusing him of having an 'unhealthy affection' for Rebecca. When Three and Six explained they forced him, that it was 'help or die', Rook casually told Eric there was no shame in wanting to live, but ordered his guards to take him out anyway. Rook was clearly of the opinion he should have chosen 'death' instead.

Furious, Three and Six could only watch as the guard took him around the corner and as they heard the gun go off that presumably killed Eric, Rook casually explained that he would set the wrong example for the rest of his employees if he just let him walk away with this betrayal, since loyalty was so important to him.

Physical Appearance[]

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Episode Twenty-Two