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Episode Twenty-Five
Season 2, Episode 12
212 featured
Air Date
September 9, 2016
Joseph Mallozzi & Paul Mullie
William Waring
Main Cast
Melissa O'Neil as Portia Lin

Anthony Lemke as Marcus Boone
Alex Mallari Jr as Ryo Tetsudo
Jodelle Ferland as Emily Kolburn
Roger Cross as Kal Varrik
Zoie Palmer as The Android
Melanie Liburd as Nyx Harper
Shaun Sipos as Devon Taltherd

Episode Twenty-Four
Episode Twenty-Six

Episode 25: Sometimes In Life You Don't Get to Choose is the twelfth episode of Season 2 of Dark Matter, as well as the twenty-fifth episode of the series.

It aired September 9, 2016.


Four's (Anthony Mallari Jr.) loyalty is put to the test when he attempts to reclaim the throne of Ishida. [1]


With the help of The Android, Ryo Tetsuda has his original memories restored. He demonstrates the power of the blink drive to General Drago in order to get close to his brother Hiro, restore his status as emperor, and win the war against the Republic of Pyr. His brother agrees to abdicate the throne in exchange for the safety of their people. Ryo says goodbye to the crew, but soon finds out that he had been misled. His step-mother, Empress Katsumi, having taken control of the throne with the help of the Seers, attempts to have Ryo killed via trial under his father's murder. However, she is stopped by Hiro who stops the execution when he gives his throne to Ryo. Ryo has the former court swiftly killed and takes the throne, stripping his old name of four, he names himself Ishida Ryo, Emperor of Zairon.

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  • Despite Zairon being typically portrayed as Japanese, the guard chatter is in Chinese.
  • Five's rescue of Emperor Hiro is a reference to Luke Skywalker rescuing Princess Leia in Star Wars.

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