Episode Seven
Season 1, Episode 7
107 featured
Air Date
July 24, 2015
Robert C. Cooper
Bruce McDonald
Main Cast
Marc Bendavid as Jace Corso

Marc Bendavid as Derrick Moss
Melissa O'Neil as Portia Lin
Anthony Lemke as Marcus Boone
Alex Mallari Jr as Ryo Tetsudo
Jodelle Ferland as Das
Roger Cross as Griffin Jones
Zoie Palmer as The Android

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Episode Seven is the seventh episode of Season 1 of Dark Matter, as well as the seventh episode of the series.

It aired July 24, 2015.


The crew finally gain access to the secret room in the ship's underbelly and among the items they find inside are a sunny android and a desperately ill woman who reveals a connection to Three but things take a turn when the supposedly sunny android attempts to kill the team, forcing the team into a battle of wits as they attempt to stop the android once and for all.


The crew access the ship's secret room and find an Android named Wendy and a stasis pod holding a woman from Three's past.

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  • Some of the dialogue between One and Wendy on sexual techniques was cut from the UK broadcast of this episode; the British airing is before the 9pm "watershed" and so adult content is more restricted.

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