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The title should be the name of the episode. For example:

  • Pilot


Once you have entered the title switch to Source mode and paste a copy of the template. You can find the template at the end of this article.

Info Box

  • Season: The season the episode is part of, i.e. Season 1.
  • Number: Episode plus the number, i.e. Episode 1.
  • Image: The title of the featured image followed by the extension (.jpg or .png).
  • Episode Number: The number, i.e. 1.
  • Air Date: The date the episode aired on it's official network.
  • Writer: The person who wrote the episode.
  • Director: The person who directed the episode.
  • Previous: The episode which aired before this episode.
  • Next: The episode which airs after this episode.


The official summary released by the network, often called a Press Release.


A written summary of the plot of the episode.

Cast & Characters

A list of the characters who were featured in this episode, in list format with the cast who portrayed them.


The crew involved in the episode including Producer, Co-Executive Producer, Executive Producer, Writer and Director.



Official episode stills released by the Network.


Official videos released by the network including promos and sneak peeks.


Any trivia relating to the episode including schedule changes, title changes, cast or character changes specific to this episode.


Episode pages should make use of the following categories:

  • Season 1 Episodes
  • Episodes


{{Episode Infobox2
| season   = 
| number   = 
| image    = 
| episode number = 
| airdate  = 
| writer   = 
| director = 
| cast     = {{Season 1 Cast}}
| previous = 
| next     = 
}}'''--''' is the -- episode of [[Season 1]] of [[Dark Matter (TV Series)|Dark Matter]], as well as the -- episode of the series.

It is set to air ---.
==Cast & Characters==
===Recurring & Guest===