Devastation of Hyadum-12
GNN general


Before awakening


Hyadum-12 space station


Insurrectionist victory

  • Haydum-12 space station destroyed
  • 10,000 civilians dead

Procyon Insurrection

GA Galactic Government


The General
Griffin Jones

GA Galactic Head of government
GA Galactic Authority General


Insurrectionist Forces

  • Griffin Jones' group

GA Galactic Authority

  • Haydum-12 Regional Police


10,000 civilians and military/police personnel


The Devastation of Hyadum-12 was an offensive on the namesake space station, which is part on a possibly ongoing interstellar conflict between the Procyon Insurrection, an insurgent faction, and the galactic federal government.

History Edit

Under the orders of The General, a terrorist group called the Procyon Insurrection bombed the Hyadum-12 Station, murdering an estimated 10,000 civilians and regional GA personnel. Not knowing the attack's true intent, Griffin Jones had unknowingly taken part in the slaughter. After the detruction he's witnessed, Griffin Jones immediately secceded from the PI and killed his teammates as revenge.

Currently, Griffin Jones is an unofficial ally of the Galactic leadership, trying to track down the General and make him pay for his sins.

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