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David Hewlett
Davidh featured
Birthday April 18, 1968
Birth Place Redhill, Surrey, England, United Kingdom
Portrays Tabor Calchek
Seasons Season 1
Season 2

David Ian Hewlett (born April 18th 1968) is a British-born Canadian actor, writer, director and voice actor best known all over the world for his role as Dr. Meredith Rodney McKay on the Canadian/American science fiction TV shows Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis and Stargate Universe.

Hewlett first gained fame for his role as Grant Jansky in the 1996 Canadian TV series, "Traders" and a year later, appeared as David Worth in the 1997 Canadian psychological horror film Cube.

He later played bad-tempered airplane pilot, Douglas Hunsiker in the 2011 movie, Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

In addition, Hewlett is also known for his role in the 1988 horror movie, "Pin" or "Pin: A Plastic Nightmare" as well as the 1991 science-fiction movie, "Scanners II: The New Order".

Hewlett had a recurring role in Dark Matter (TV Series) as Tabor Calchek, a merchant who also serves as the team's handler.

Early Life[]

Hewlett was born in Redhill, Surrey, England, United Kingdom and moved with his family to Canada when he was four years old with the Hewletts settling in or around Toronto.

Hewlett got his first computer in his mid-teens and became a self-described "computer nerd".

While in St. George's College Choir School for Boys in Toronto, Hewlett met American-born and future sci-fi director, Vincenzo Natali and the two began creating movies together while forming a strong friendship that remains to this day with Hewlett going to appear in the majority of movies that Natali has directed, prime examples being the 1997 psychological horror movie, "Cube" and the 2009 science-fiction horror film, "Splice".

Hewlett later dropped out of high school in his senior year to pursue careers in both acting and computing, beginning his acting career in 1984 when he was only sixteen years old, making his debut appearance in the 1980s TV series, "The Edison Twins" with his acting career continuing to this day.

Personal Life[]

Hewlett was previously married to Canadian actress Soo Garay with the two divorcing in 2004.

In 2008, Hewlett married his long-time girlfriend, film producer Jane Loughman who like Hewlett is British-born.

The couple have a son, Sebastian "Baz" Flynn Loughman Hewlett who was born during the filming of the Stargate Atlantis Season 4 finale episode, "The Last Man" and a dog named "Mars" with Mars appearing in Hewlett's directional debut movie, "A Dog's Breakfast".


In addition to being an actor and voice actor, Hewlett has in recent years embarked on directing and writing various films, his directional debut being the 2006 dark comedy, "A Dog's Breakfast" which he also starred in.

The movie itself also starred Hewlett's younger sister, Kate Hewlett, his Stargate Atlantis alumni/fellow actress, Rachel Luttrel, Christopher Judge who is best known for playing Teal'c on Stargate Atlantis's parent series, "Stargate SG-1" and Irish TV presenter Amanda Byram.

In recent years, Hewlett has also written and directed two movies, "Rage of the Yeti" which Hewlett also appeared in and which was released in 2011.

Hewlett's latest movie, "Debug" which he wrote and directed was released in 2014. Unlike "A Dog's Breakfast" and "Rage of the Yeti", Hewlett did not appear on-screen in any kind of role whatsoever.

Hewlett is also a huge fan of the long-running British science fiction series, Doctor Who and his favorite Doctor is Tom Baker.

The show was what originally sparked his love of the science fiction genre with Hewlett's own dreams of working in science fiction later becoming a reality when he was ultimately cast as Rodney McKay in Stargate SG-1 and later Stargate Atlantis with the role of Dr. McKay becoming Hewlett's best known role to date and also giving him international recognition among sci fi fans.


Title Year Role
The Dark Side 1987 Chuckie
Pin 1988 Leon Linden
The Penthouse 1989 Joe Dobson
Dead Meat 1989
Where the Heart Is 1990 Jimmy
Deep Sleep 1990 Terry
Desire and Hell at Sunset Motel 1991 Deadpan
Scanners II: The New Order 1991 David Kellum
A Savage Christmas: The Fall of Hong Kong 1992 Walter Jenkins
The First Circle 1992 'Ruska' Rostislav
Black Death 1992 Nyles Chapman
The Boys of St. Vincent: 15 Years Later 1992 Steven Lunney (age 25)
Split Images 1992 Gary Hammond
Blood Brothers 1993 Detective Trayne
Joe's Wedding 1996 Rob Fitzgerald
Bad Day on the Block 1997 Andrew
Cube 1997 Worth
On the 2nd Day of Christmas 1997 Mel
Elevated 1997 Hank
Clutch 1998 Martyn
Milkman 1998 Martin / Soldier
Nightworld: Survivor 1999 Doc
The Life Before This 1999 Nick
Blind 1999 The Victim
Amateur Night 1999 D.J.
Autoerotica 2000 Gord
Chasing Cain 2001 Bud
And Never Let Her Go 2001 Gerry Capano
The Triangle 2001 Gus Gruber
Century Hotel 2001 Michael
Treed Murray 2001 Murray
Cypher 2002 Virgil C. Dunn
Father Lefty 2002 Father Gregory
Nothing 2003 Dave
Foolproof 2003 Lawrence Yeager
Friday Night 2003 Roger
Boa vs. Python 2004 Emmett
Ice Men 2004 Bryan
Darklight 2004 Anders Raeborne
A Dog's Breakfast 2007 Patrick
Helen 2009 Frank
Splice 2009 William Barlow
The Whistleblower 2010 Fred Murray
Rise of the Planet of the Apes 2011 Hunsiker
Time Machine: Rise of the Morlocks 2011 Dr. James Radnor
Rage of the Yeti 2011 Mills
Haunter 2013 Olivia's Father
The Shape of Water 2017 Fleming
Hewlogram 2017 Hewlogram
Lucky Day 2019 Derrek Blarney
Midway 2019 Husband Kimmel
Lie Exposed 2019 Brian
All About Who You Know 2019 Michael
Turkey Drop 2019 Ron
NOC - Non-Official Cover 2020 Martin Kerry
Nightmare Alley TBA Dr. Elrood
The Swearing Jar TBA Bill
Title Year Role
The Edison Twins 1984 Howard
Night Heat 1987
Friday's Curse 1988 Cal
My Secret Identity 1988 Rock
T and T 1988-1989 Ronnie / Detective Jones
The Campbells 1990 Ned Kane / Captain Henderson
Rin Tin Tin: K-9 Cop 1991-1992 The Strangler
Forever Knight 1992 Matthew Reed
Beyond Reality 1992-1993 Tom
Shining Time Station 1993 Ted Typo
Sweating Bullets 1993 Gleason
Monster Force 1994 Lance McGruder
Street Legal 1988-1994 Tim Woolrich / Dave Lister
Kung Fu: The Legend Continues 1993-1996 Dr. Nicholas (Nickie) Elder
Twice in a Lifetime 1999 Mr. Green
Traders 1996-2000 Grant Jansky
ER 2001 Mr. Schudy
Mutant X 2003 Hector Freimark
Without a Trace 2004 Fred Watkins
The District 2004 Frederick
Stargate SG-1 2001-2007 Dr. Rodney McKay
Sanctuary 2007 Larry Tolson
Stargate: Atlantis 2004-2009 Dr. Meredith Rodney McKay
The Closer 2009 Special Agent Jerry Moore
Hellcats 2010-2011 Dr. Thurton Egan
SGU Stargate Universe 2011 Dr. Rodney McKay
Urban Legends 2011 Narrator
Darknet 2013 Lewis
State of Syn 2013 Aslin Kane
The Stanley Dynamic 2014 Glenn Cooper
Suits 2016 Nathan Burns
Dark Matter 2015-2016 Tabor Calchek
Incorporated 2016 - 2017 Chad Peterson
Murdoch Mysteries 2016 - 2017 Dilbert Dilton
Warigami 2019 Banta
Hudson & Rex 2019 Nelson Dwyer
Private Eyes 2021 Earl Baer
Clarice 2021 Anthony Herman
Departure 2021 Bill Ratch
Guillermo del Toro Presents 10 After Midnight 2022
Video Games
Title Year Role
Serious Sam: The Second Encounter 2002 Additional Voices
Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty 2014 Mudokons
Caretaker Sacrifice 2016 Narrator
Caretaker Retribution 2016 Narrator
The Alpha Device 2018 Narrator
The Last Worker 2021 Josef Jüngle
Title Year
Nothing 2003
A Dog's Breakfast 2007
Debug 2014
Title Year
A Dog's Breakfast 2007
Rage of the Yeti 2011
Debug 2014
Title Year Role
Made in Canada, Volume 1: Best of the CFC 2002 Himself
Preview to Atlantis 2004 Himself / Rodney McKay
From Stargate to Atlantis: Sci Fi Lowdown 2004 Himself / Rodney McKay
Sci Fi Lowdown: Behind the Stargate - Secrets Revealed 2005 Himself / Rodney McKay
Sci Fi Inside: Sci Fi Friday 2005 Himself / Rodney McKay
06 Spaceys 2006 Himself
Sci Fi Inside: Stargate SG-1 200th Episode 2006 Himself
07 Spaceys 2007 Himself
NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams 2007 Himself
FedCon XIX: Beyond Imagination 2010 Himself
Waking the Green Tiger 2011 Narrator
FANomenon 2013 Himself
The Fantasy Makers 2017 Narrator
The Science Fiction Makers 2020 Narrator



  • This is the second time David Hewlett has worked with both Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie as all three previously worked on the Canadian/American sci-fi TV series, "Stargate SG-1" and its spin-offs, "Stargate Atlantis" and "Stargate Universe". David first appeared in "Stargate SG-1" with a recurring role in the show's fifth, sixth, eighth and tenth seasons. He later joined "Stargate Atlantis" and for five seasons, was a member of the main cast and like Michael Shanks (Dr. Daniel Jackson on Stargate SG-1) was given the credit "And". Hewlett also appeared in "Stargate Universe" in the Season 2 episode, "Seizure". Mallozzi and Mullie first served as writers, creating various episodes for Stargate SG-1 before both were promoted to Executive Producers.
  • David previously worked with Jodelle Ferland in an episode of Stargate Atlantis called "Harmony".

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