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Dark Matter 1
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Issue Number 1
Release Date 1/11/2012

Dark Matter #1 is the first issue in the Dark Matter series, written by Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie.


On board a ship deep in space, six people awake from stasis. Each member of the crew realises they have no memory of who they are or what they are doing on board the ship. After restoring life support the crew split into pairs to explore, Portia with Kid, Marcus with Griffin and Ryo with Jace. Ryo and Jace visit the training room where Ryo shows he is skilled with swords. Marcus and Griffin come across an Android who attacks them before he is disabled. After deleting the Android's security directives the crew reboot the Android and ask him to check through the ship's logs for any information but no data can be found. While running a diagnostic on the ship, the Android picks up a vessel which is approaching their location and has launched two missiles.


  • The six crew members aboard the Raza wake from stasis.
  • Each of the crew realize they have no memories.
  • The crew find the Android.
  • Portia (Two) learns she is familiar with the ships controls.
  • Ryo (Four) learns he is skilled with swords.
  • The crew learn the ships data was deleted, and it may have been deliberate.
  • A hostile vessel is approaching their location.



  • The issue begins with the crew waking and finishes with the hostile vessel approaching.
  • All characters are introduced, however, their names are not mentioned in this issue.