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The title should be the characters full name and include the word Novel in brackets. For example:

  • Portia Lin (Novel)


Once you have entered the title switch to Source mode and paste a copy of the template. You can find the template at the end of this article.

Info Box

  • Image: The title of the featured image followed by the extension (.jpg or .png).
  • Born: Date of birth.
  • Home: Location of their home.
  • Family: List of family members.
  • Occupation: Employed as.
  • Alive or Deceased: Whether they are currently alive or dead in the show.
  • First Appearance: What issue were they first seen in.
  • Latest Appearance: What issue were they last seen in.


A summary of the character:

  • Who they are.
  • What their story is in the show.
  • Any early life / back information.

Physical Appearance

What the character looks like. Can include clothing, hairstyle, hair, facial expressions, mood.

Dark Matter

A summary of their appearances in Dark Matter issues.


Information on their relationships with other characters in the show.


Trivia about the character.


Cast pages should make use of the following category:

  • Characters (Novel)


 {{Character Novel
 |Image = Tba.jpg
 |Born = TBA
 |home = TBA
 |Family = TBA
 |occupation = TBA
 |alive or deceased = Alive
 |first appearance = [[Dark Matter 1|Issue 1]]
 |latest appearance = [[Dark Matter 1|Issue 1]]
'''Griffin Jones''' is a character appearing in [[Dark Matter 1|Issue 1]] of [[Dark Matter (Graphic Novel)|Dark Matter]].
Coming soon.
==Physical Appearance==
Coming soon.
==[[Dark Matter (Graphic Novel)|Dark Matter]]==
Coming soon.
Coming soon.
== Trivia ==
Coming soon.