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The title should be the characters full name. For example:

  • Portia Lin


Once you have entered the title switch to Source mode and paste a copy of the template. You can find the template at the end of this article.

Info Box

  • Image: The title of the featured image followed by the extension (.jpg or .png).
  • Portrayed By: Actor / Actress who portrays the character.
  • Born: Date of birth.
  • Home: Location of their home.
  • Family: List of family members.
  • Occupation: Employed as.
  • Alive or Deceased: Whether they are currently alive or dead in the show.
  • Seasons: What seasons do they appear in.
  • First Appearance: What episode were they first seen in.
  • Latest Appearance: What episode were they last seen in.


A summary of the character:

  • Who they are.
  • What their story is in the show.
  • Any early life / back information.

Physical Appearance

What the character looks like. Can include clothing, hairstyle, hair, facial expressions, mood.

Dark Matter

A summary of their appearances in Dark Matter episodes.


A list of the episodes they have / haven't appeared in.


Information on their relationships with other characters in the show.

NOT included for recurring characters.


Trivia about the character.


Cast pages should make use of the following categories:

  • Characters
  • Main Characters / Recurring Characters
  • Female Characters / Male Characters


{{Character Info
|Image = Tba.jpg
|portrayed by = 
|Born = 
|home = 
|Family = 
|occupation = 
|alive or deceased = 
|seasons = 
|first appearance = 
|latest appearance = 
}}'''Name''' is a character appearing in [[Season 1]] of [[Dark Matter (TV Series)|Dark Matter]]. He/She is portrayed by actor/actress [[Name]].

Coming soon.

==Physical Appearance==
Coming soon.

==[[Dark Matter (TV Series)|Dark Matter]]==
<tabber>Season One=
In [[Episode One|Episode One]],

In [[Episode Two|Episode Two]],

|episode1 = Will Appear
|episode2 = Will Appear
|episode3 = TBA
|episode4 = TBA
|episode5 = TBA
|episode6 = TBA
|episode7 = TBA
|episode8 = TBA
|episode9 = TBA
|episode10 = TBA
|episode11 = TBA
|episode12 = TBA
|episode13 = TBA
== Media ==
=== Images ===
=== Videos ===