Dr.Borsa featured
Portrayed by
Paul Sun-Hyung Lee
Scientist (Principality of Zairon)
Season 3
First Appearance
Episode Twenty-Eight
Last Appearance
Episode Twenty-Eight

Dr. Borsa is a character that appears in Season 3 of Dark Matter. He is portrayed by Paul Sun-Hyung Lee.


Dr Borsa was a scientist for Zairon's top research station, which was in charge of reverse engineering the Blink Drive so that it could be supplied to the Zairon fleet.

When the Raza crew arrived at the station to retake the drive, Emperor Ryo arrived to take charge of the situation. Ryo told Dr. Borsa to use the blink drive to take the station to Zairon. Dr. Borsa told him it wasn't a good idea but Ryo overruled him. The drive took the station to null space and the pocket space they were in started to shrink. This began eating away the edges of the station, which worried Dr. Borsa as some of the other scientists were trapped from Ryo's lockdown. The Raza crew offered to free them and Dr. Borsa, appeared to consider giving the drive to the Raza crew and defy Ryo's orders, Dr. Hajek was severally against this and killed him, then took the drive with her.

Physical AppearanceEdit

  • Has a grey black beard. He wears a science uniform that is white with a red band across the chest and a golden insignia of the Principality of Zairon on the sleeve.


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  • Paul Sun-Hyung Lee who portrays Dr. Borsa, star together on the show Kim's Convenience with Borsa's co-worker, Dr. Hajek's actress Jean Yoon.


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