Battle of the Mining Colony
Mikkei Combine Cruiser gallery 001


Ferrous-Mikkei Cold War




Mining Colony and one adjacent star system


Mikkei/Raza victory


Mikkei Mikkei Combine
Raza Raza
Mining Colony

Ferrous Ferrous Corp


Mikkei Delaney Truffault
Mikkei Sakey
Raza Portia Lin

Ferrous Nieman


Mikkei Mikkei Defense Army
Raza Raza's Crew
Colonial Armed Forces

Ferrous Ferrous Galactic Forces


Nassan (Colony Leader)
Several others

Captain Salehi
Several others


The Battle of the Mining Colony was a battle part of an ongoing interstellar conflict between the two super powerful corporations, Ferrous Corp and Mikkei Combine.

History Edit

Tensions grew between the Mining Colony and the Ferrous Corp, to the point that the latter wanted to annihilate the colonists. Raza's crew was hired by Ferrous Corp to do the job. Instead, after having their memories wiped out, the crew of the Raza decided to join forces with the colonists against the impending threat.

While Raza was able to defeat the first Ferrous wave of hostiles, the ship itself was put in a position of surrender because of the existence of a Ferrous ship nearby. Ferrous Corp offered Raza (or at least Two and Five) to leave the system and suffer no more casualties. However, Raza allied themselves with Mikkei Combine, which took ownership of the Mining Colony. The super corporation was able to scare off the Ferrous ship, granting the colonists "protection".

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