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Aslanoff Exclusion Field
Aslinoff Exclusion field featured
Information Technology
Seasons Season 2
First Seen Episode Twenty-Six
Last Seen Episode Twenty-Six

The Aslanoff Exclusion Field is a technological event mentioned in Season 2 of Dark Matter.


The Aslanoff Exclusion Field is a technological effect event that cancels out Faster Than Light travel. The effect is created by multitudes of satellites within close proximity to each other and in a surrounding matrix. The Aslanoff Exclusion Field was used on vast facilities that needed maximum security, the most known example being EOS-7.

Locations Used[]

EOS-7 was originally considered one of the most secure facilities in the galaxy, due to it being surrounded by a vast network of satellites at a distance of approximately seven light minutes. When the satellites worked together they would generate an Aslanoff Exclusion Field, which can disrupt an FTL window. This would force ships to drop out of Faster Than Light travel hours away from the station (at sublight speeds), which would give the Galactic Authorities at the facility plenty of time to react to the intrusion.[1]


In Episode Twenty-Six, EOS-7 used the technological field to secure its facility. The Council of Corporations held their meeting hoping they would be safe. Delaney Truffault was also shown to be quite knowledgeable about Aslanoff Exclusion Field technology.



The Blink Drive is unaffected by the field