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Androids are humanoid robots, created to serve real humans. They have a variety of different models to serve different purposes. Commonly, each Android has some level of strength, resilience, and mobility that is superior human counterparts, which gives them natural athletic and combative capabilities. Androids are distinguished by their barcode tag on their neck as well as typical android-like behavior. When shut down, their pupils fill up their eyes and turn them jet black.


Profile Designation Android Model Proprietor Notes Appearances / Status
Android featured S02 The Android Level 3 Utility Model - Discontinued Variety Raza Crew
  • Created before emotional emulators became standard.
  • Has since received emotion upgrade.
All Seasons
Arien featured Arien Unknown Commander Nieman
  • Illegally contained a bomb and emotions.
Episode Twenty-Six
Miranda icon android Miranda Unknown No owner. Is part of the Free Beings.
  • Has emotions and self-preservation purpose.
Episode Seventeen
Victor featured Victor Unknown No owner. He's a Free Being and part of the Ophiuchus Crew.
  • Has emotions and self-preservation purpose.
Episode Seventeen
Wendy icon Wendy Entertainment Model Cyrus King
  • Possesses a variety of skills including cooking and intimacy.
Episode Seven


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