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Alexander Rook
Alexander rook feature
Portrayed by
Wil Wheaton
President / CEO (Dwarf Star Technologies)
Season 1
Season 2
First Appearance
Episode Twelve
Last Appearance
Episode Twenty-Two

Alexander Rook is a character that appears in Season 1 and 2 of Dark Matter. He is portrayed by actor Wil Wheaton.


Alexander Rook is the President and CEO of Dwarf Star Technologies. He created Rebecca.

In Episode Twelve, it was revealed Alex owns the corporation that had created Portia Lin, whom he calls Rebecca. He told her and the crew that she has a neural flaw that makes her act out in violence which leads her to kill people.

Alex told Portia that she is a perfect creation, but she must age in order to avoid suspicion from the Galactic Authority.

When Portia escaped he visited someone in a bed and let him know she was gone. Alex also told him not to worry about her and that their new prototype was almost ready. The old man however insisted that she and the crew needs to die because they know what she is.

In Episode Twenty-Two, Rebecca's nanites began to fail which led her to going to a DST Station on Earth to get the new upgraded version. While getting the nanites the Raza crew was ambushed by Rook. He has Marcus Boone and Six locked up and then has his employee Waver killed for his assistance in her break in and his lack of loyalty. He then proceeded to use Marcus as a host for one of his creatures, in an attempt to sabotage the Raza or steal the Blink drive.

Rook later confronted Rebecca, who now viewed her as a failure to his career, and had his new prototype attempt to kill her. However, Ryo intervened and killed the prototype and Six used it's upgraded nanites to revive and heal Two.

Physical Appearance

Alex has brown hair, a beard and a mustache.






  • On the official SyFy website, Rook is referred to as "a mad Ferrous Corporation scientist" in both the Dark Matter Timeline[1] and in their blog post "Everything You Need to Know About Dark Matter"[2].
    • This may either be an error or a hint that Alex may have ties to Ferrous Corp.
  • He voices on Netflix's Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters as another character with the last name Rook: Jonathan Rook